Sell your house without making electrical repairs

When you are trying to sell a house with electrical problems, it can become difficult because these problems can affect the value of your house. Problems could be as simple as bad switches to as complicated as improperly connected circuit breakers which could cause a potential fire. Electrical issues can limit potential buyers and make lenders think twice about financing a sale.

You are required by law to disclose electrical issues during the process of selling your house to potential buyers. Many buyers even back out of the deal if the house has electrical issues. Fair Property Buyers is unlike a traditional homebuyer – we buy houses for cash, so you don’t have to worry about us backing out of a deal or banks denying a loan due to electrical problems.

At Fair Property Buyers, we have our own funding strategies specifically geared for your situation, and this makes it easier for us to buy houses with electrical issues. At Fair Property Buyers, we have the resources and the expertise to help you get to your closing and put cash in your hands as quickly as possible.

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