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Boise, ID

The sellers were rookie investors who had bitten off more than they could chew. They purchased the investment property in Boise, Idaho, thinking it would be the key to financial freedom. Unfortunately, it became a money pit and drained their financial resources, time, and energy. They quickly realized they had cash flow problems, and were in over their heads.

Our local property expert at Fair Property Buyers understood the pressure of the mounting expenses that the sellers were faced with, and the stress of their cash flow problem. He worked with the sellers to help get them out from underneath the problems they were facing. Because we have our own funding strategies at Fair Property Buyers, it made it easier for us to buy this bad investment property for $310,000. We were able to get through a smooth transaction and put cash in the sellers’ hands quickly.

Aurora, CO

The seller contacted Fair Property Buyers looking for help with her sister’s hoarder house located in Aurora, Colorado. Just the idea of cleaning it up was overwhelming, aside from repairing the structural or cosmetic issues. The house was full of junk and in really rough shape because it had been neglected for such a long time.

Our local property experts at Fair Property Buyers were compassionate to the seller, knowing that selling a property packed full of personal possessions by a hoarder requires sensitivity and understanding. We worked with the seller every step of the way, offering a smooth and compassionate transition throughout the process. Our unique funding strategies allowed us to purchase this house quickly for $268,000, without requiring any clean up of the property.

These are just a few examples of the situations we’ve helped our Sellers work through quickly and easily. We want to make you a quick cash offer for your house as well, no matter the condition or situation you find yourself in. There are no fees, no repairs needed, and no surprises.

To get your confidential, no-obligation, and stress-free cash offer, simply fill out the form below.

Tampa, FL

The seller had already purchased a new home in another state and was in the process of relocating from Tampa, Florida. She was feeling financial pressure, which made her hesitant to list her home with a realtor. The seller was worried about how long it would take if she went the traditional sale route, because she knew she didn’t have the funds to cover two mortgages for months on end.

For this seller, time and money were not on her side. Our local property expert at Fair Property Buyers was able to help with our simple real estate purchase process that resulted in a fast transaction, making a quick cash offer of $128,000 for her property.

Phoenix, AZ

The seller decided to sell his rental property in Phoenix, Arizona, after owning it for a few years. He was tired of cleaning it up after tenants vacated and since he was retiring, he was done worrying about the expenses and time it took to complete repairs after tenants moved out.

The seller had already begun doing some of the repair and remodel work himself to get the property ready to sell. Our team of professional investors and construction experts at Fair Property Buyers worked with the seller, and helped him step back and take a look at his property differently, to be sure he made the best decision to get the most value for his house. We were able to make a quick cash offer of $204,000 for his rental property.

Merced, CA

The seller was in poor health and owned a distressed property in Merced, California. It was deteriorating more by the day and she was worried that her children wouldn’t be able to fix it up. She didn’t want the property to go to waste if something happened to her.

Our local property expert at Fair Property Buyers responded to her inquiry right away and took all the details of the selling process off her hands. By helping her understand what her options were and simplifying the process, he was able to alleviate this seller’s worries by making a quick cash offer of $139,000, without having to make any repairs.


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