When it comes to selling your home, you want to get it done as soon as possible. Did you know you only have six seconds? Your home may have been on the market for longer, but that’s not what we’re talking about. First impressions are important to homebuyers, and real estate experts estimate that those impressions are formed within the first six seconds—three from the curb and three from the entryway.

If you want to persuade a prospective buyer that your house is the one for them, you must capture their attention quickly. Yes, location is crucial. And, yes, price does matter. However, with a few strategic planning steps, you can make your property as appealing and inviting as possible. This will position it to sell sooner rather than later.

Think Like a Buyer

It can be tempting to present your home in a way that emphasises the features you enjoy the most. The problem with this approach is that your favourites will not be shared by everyone. Potential buyers will not be viewing your home through a nostalgic lens. Help them see your home as a blank canvas on where they can create their own identity and envision themselves.

Invest in Value-adding Improvements

Choosing which home improvements to invest in can be difficult, and the costs can quickly add up. The key is to invest in projects that will provide the highest return on investment. When it comes to ROI, a garage door replacement is the single most valuable investment. The average return on a new garage door is almost 1:1.

The “money rooms” are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Renovating them will only increase the value of your home.

Minor kitchen improvements such as resurfacing cabinets, replacing countertops, applying a fresh coat of paint, or updating fixtures and hardware can make a significant difference.

Up Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important because, as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If curb appeal is a friendly invitation, a freshly painted front door is a cheerful welcome. Because every buyer who views your home will most likely enter through the front door, a fresh coat of paint can conceal any scuffs and dings that have developed over time. This minor change will make the house appear livable rather than lived in.

Make sure your front yard is clean, the bushes are pruned, and the grass is cut. 

Also, place some brightly colored potted plants near the front door to greet visitors.

Keep it Neutral

Repainting might be a good idea if you personalized your home by using vibrant colours in each room. While you may enjoy bright colours, there is no guarantee that the next owner will. Painting the walls in neutral colours allows potential buyers to focus on the overall house rather than whether or not they like the colours you chose, and colors can be distracting.

Make it Less About You

Try to make a concerted effort to remove any decorations or trinkets that reflect your personal taste and identity. Family photos, no matter how friendly and familiar they are, will make buyers feel as if they are visiting someone else’s home. You want them to feel as if they’re in their own world.

Declutter and Clean

You don’t have to become “The Queen of Clean,” but getting rid of clutter will not only make your home look cleaner, but it will also make it feel larger. And there is no such thing as being too clean when it comes to this. When you think everything is clean enough, go over it again. Buyers will take notice.

Stage Your Home

When it comes to home staging, there are two general guidelines to follow: less is more, and keep it neutral.

It is critical to pique the interest of buyers right away. Pay special attention to the entry and invest heavily in staging it. Repaint, add flowers, purchase a new area rug, a large mirror, or a dramatic piece of art.

Remove objects and clutter that visually shrink a room, such as large ottomans or too many plants, and leave only one or two new-looking appliances on the kitchen counters. Don’t forget to stage the deck or patio, which serves as an extension of the house and can make a small house appear much larger than it is.

You can do the staging yourself or hire a professional stager to help you. The average cost of staging is just under $2,000.

Consider Hiring a Professional Photographer

Spending a little money on high-quality photography can help your house sell for a higher price. The majority of people look for homes online. If the photos pop, it can translate into a higher sales price — and it can also translate into a faster sale.

When it comes to your home’s online listing, you may want to leave some things to the imagination. I recommend against photographing every square inch of the house. The goal of photographs is not to give away all the goodies online, but to pique a buyer’s interest enough to entice them to see it in person. If they don’t come see the house, they’re probably not going to make an offer.

Determine the Appropriate Asking Price

Choosing the best asking price for your home can make or break your success. When a home is priced correctly, it attracts more buyers. Setting your price too high can be detrimental and prevent buyers from entering your home. To entice maximum buyer interest, always price on the lower end to be conservative.

How do you strike the balance between pricing for profit and not overpricing? That’s where your agent’s knowledge comes in handy. A knowledgeable agent understands the value of your home and how much you can expect to get for it. Good pricing necessitates the ability to thread the needle.

List at a price that is lower than comparable properties to attract attention, but not so low that you will be disappointed if you only receive one offer at list price. If you entice enough buyers, you may be setting the stage for a bidding war.

Hire a  Real Estate Agent

Enlisting the assistance of a professional is a wise way to achieve your goal of selling your home as quickly as possible. Experienced realtors understand the local market and can help you sell your home faster and for more money. Selling a home on your own may seem appealing, but when you consider that a real estate agent can handle the marketing, negotiations, and legal details, their commission may be money well spent.


Potential home buyers want to walk through a house that exudes excitement and newness. They also want it to feel like home. Following the advice listed above can help create what they are looking for. And the sooner you do so, the sooner those buyers will give you what you want—a house with a SOLD sign in the yard!

Greg Bilbro

Greg Bilbro

Greg Bilbro is the CEO and founder of Fair Property Buyers. After 20 years as a residential Realtor, Greg founded Fair Property Buyers, a nationwide group of local real estate professionals and cash buyers committed to helping homeowners that want to sell their home without a realtor. Fair Property Buyers helps local homeowners get cash for homes without any hassles.

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      By submitting this form and signing up for texts, you consent to receive email marketing and text messages from Fair Property Buyers at the number provided, including messages sent by autodialer. Consent is not a condition of purchase. Message & data rates may apply. Unsubscribe at any time by replying STOP or clicking the unsubscribe link.

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