How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent in 2022


It’s not easy to sell your home. Typically, the first step in the process of selling a property is to get it listed with a real estate agent or brokerage

The majority of sellers find it intimidating and off-putting to deal with legal proceedings and documentation on their own.

However, more and more homeowners are preferring to sell their properties on their own these days.

You need to be aware of what to do and what to stay away from when selling your home without a realtor. You should be conscious of the legal ramifications and related issues if you sell your home without a realtor in 2022.

If you are considering selling your home without a realtor, this article can serve as a guide for you.

Why Should You Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent?

Many people think about selling their homes without using a realtor. While there are benefits to doing so, there are also drawbacks. However, the following are the reasons to think about selling your home without a realtor:

One benefit of selling your home without a broker is avoiding commission. Normally, your realtor will take up to 6% of the transaction price to split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent when you sell your home through them. You can keep this money if you sell your home without a realtor.

You can advertise and market your house as you wish if you sell your house without a realtor. Without a realtor’s assistance, you can still bargain over the asking price for your home.

The likelihood of receiving all you want when selling your home without a realtor is extremely high. However, selling a house is not simple; to achieve a good sale, you must work hard and conduct extensive research.

Can You Save Up On Money?

According to research, FSBO homes often sell for 5.5-26% less than those sold through conventional agent-assisted home sales. Therefore, you can lose far more money on the sale price than you do on the listing cost.

Additionally, you will typically still be required to pay the buyer’s agent commission, which can vary, even if you don’t have your agent. Many individuals are not aware that sellers must pay both the seller’s and buyer’s agent’s commissions.

However, whether or not you can save without a realtor depends greatly on the region. Selling FSBO is an option in some states. Particularly those where the housing market is booming, especially if you have a lot of prior real estate sales expertise.

Everyone else undoubtedly finds FSBO to be more hassle than it’s worth. You are better off using a bargain realtor if you want to save on commission and yet obtain the greatest price for your home. By doing it that way, you can avoid the hazards and stress of selling without an agent while still saving money.

Is Selling Your House Without a Realtor Worth It?

Homeowners spent almost $86 billion on real estate commissions last year.

On a $400,000 transaction, a 6% commission charge would cost $24,000, whereas a 5% fee would cost $20,000 in additional costs.

According to the Consumer Housing Trends, achieving the best possible returns was the top priority for more than 50% of sellers.

There are drawbacks to selling your house on your own. It’s likely to be a lot harder work than you expect.

Selling your home without a realtor could be worthwhile if you have some marketing expertise and are mentally prepared for the hassle.

How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent in 2022

These easy steps will guide you on your way to selling your house on your own.

Step 1: Market Research

The initial and fundamental stage in the process of selling your house. First, do the market research.

Additionally, you should research to find out how much local consumers are prepared to spend for a home similar to yours.

Researching the market will enable you to sell your home quickly.

Step 2: Determine a Price

Experts advise FSBO sellers to determine their property’s price based on the market’s hard statistics rather than their sentimental relationship to their home.

Be sure to offer a fair price when selling your home without a realtor. If you price your home too high, it might not sell, and if you price it too cheap, you put yourself at a disadvantage.

Step 3: Improve the Appearance of Your Home

Your home is on the market. It should be as appealing as you can make it. People would be prepared to pay absolutely any price you established if your home was attractive on the inside and outside.

Carefully clean the house and hide your items So that the purchasers can picture themselves in their new home.

You may also spend a bit on enhancing your home, such as painting the walls and door to improve the atmosphere, getting a new doormat that welcomes guests and adding some flowers to the exterior.

Step 4: Take Good Quality Pictures of the House

You should have excellent inside and outside shots of your home when you sell it.

You may pay a skilled photographer to take these photos if you don’t have a digital camera.

These photos are a great approach for you to sell your property without a broker quickly, especially if you want to sell it online.

Step 5: Display A “For Sale” Sign

You may let potential buyers know that your house is also for sale by putting up a sign indicating your intentions to sell it.

This sign can sell your property without a realtor more quickly than you would think.

You should also be aware that the MLS mandates that you must inform brokers once your deal has closed within 1 business day.

Brokers are expected to quickly update the listing on the MLS within 1 business day of the home closing since it is a crucial step in the listing process.

Brokers that fail to update your listing may face fines, which they are obligated to pass along to you.

Step 6: List Your Property

Lack of access to the MLS Listing is one drawback of selling a property without a realtor.

A full list of real estate properties that are for sale may be found in the MLS database. Access to MLS is restricted to registered realtors only.

However, you may still access the MLS for a few hundred dollar upfront fixed price and avoid paying listing agent commissions of thousands of dollars.

Step 7: Manage Your Showings

Effectively managing showings is essential after your home is ready for tours. You want to know precisely who has viewed or shown interest in your home.

And you need to know with precision when they spotted it. Home buyers and buyer agents may easily request and book showings with the help of online scheduling tools.

Step 8: Bargain for Deals

Potential customers would, of course, come to look at the house you are selling. You must be prepared to haggle over the offers that you receive.

Despite how insulting you may believe the proposals are, have a look at them all and try not to pass any of them by. Simply decline when you are certain you don’t want to argue or agree.

Step 9: Take care of the documentation and closing

You may find the paperwork for selling a property on your own to be a difficult undertaking. Additionally, since the laws governing real estate transactions vary from place to place, you may find it overwhelming to comply with them.

The fundamental documents you could want are:

  • Original sales contract
  • Professional appraisal
  • Records of home repair and maintenance
  • Lister’s agreement
  • Pre-inspection report
  • Purchase offer document
  • Mandatory disclosures
  • Insurance records

You may want to retain a real estate attorney to manage the transaction’s technicalities. A closing attorney or a title agent should oversee it because it is a legal matter.

The buyer’s agent will also handle the majority of the closing procedure; nevertheless, you may be required to produce documents, so having your documentation prepared is crucial.

Step 10: Verify the buyer’s mortgage

Be ready for this one because the buyer’s mortgage typically presents the largest challenge during the signing. It’s crucial to conduct your due diligence early on and confirm that a buyer is pre-qualified for a credit if you are selling your house yourself. By doing this, you lessen the possibility that there will be a problem with the mortgage at closing.


Without any counsel, you run the risk of being taken advantage of by purchasers. Especially when they try to haggle cheaper than they would normally do when they know a house is for sale by the owner.

Additionally, it’s crucial to conduct an extensive study on the rules and legislation that apply in your location. Before you think about asking buyers to visit your house, you should be aware of all the legal obligations that are placed on you as the seller and make sure that you have all the essential legal documentation prepared.

These tips for selling your home without a realtor above should be a wonderful starting point.


Greg Bilbro

Greg Bilbro

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