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Zach O. & S. Plumer Avenue in Tucson

The Situation:

Zach O. had done everything right.  An active military member, he had been preparing for his PCS (Permanent Change of Station) to another state for months.  Having completely renovated his home in the early part of 2015 and ensured that all utilities and systems passed inspection, it took Zach only a few months to find a buyer.  After both parties agreed on a price, the house went into escrow while Zach happily continued getting things lined up for his move.  Then, after over a month in escrow and with Zach’s PCS date fast approaching, the buyer backed out.

The Problem: 

Zach was now in big trouble.  Not only was he looking down the barrel of two mortgage payments, but was faced with the potential nightmare of maintaining and attempting to sell a property from hundreds of miles away.  He’d wasted nearly 6 months for nothing.  Instead of being able to enjoy the stress-free move for which he’d planned so diligently, Zach was forced to spend precious time and energy scrambling to find a way out of this mess.

What Fair Property Buyers Did: 

Luckily, Zach was able to find our website and reach out to us in no time.  It was understandably hard for Zach to trust anyone after what he’d been through, so he was half expecting more delays, confusion and false promises.  Instead, he was pleasantly surprised to speak with people who really cared about his plight, had real solutions for his problem and weren’t going to make him wait for results.

FPB was able to make Zach a cash offer within 24 hours and, upon his relieved acceptance, was able to open escrow immediately and close before his PCS date.  Zach went from being completely overwhelmed, stressed out and desperate to feeling liberated and hopeful.  While he was most impressed with FPB’s speed and follow-through, he was also amazed by the fact that we were able to accomplish everything via phone, text and email.  Since Zach was in Tucson and FPB , he was anticipating a prolonged process, which is why we ended up blowing him away with our ability to ask all the right questions, listen intently, tap all necessary resources and rapidly set the sale into motion remotely.

The End Result: 

Fair Property Buyers was able to turn Zach’s seemingly hopeless situation into a win, enabling him to embark on his new life with peace of mind, cash in hand and no complicated baggage to deal with.  And even though the real estate issues we help people manage can be complex, our process is not.  Our expertise and efficiency enables us to easily handle all aspects of your sale, from inspections to escrow, legal issues to prompt closing.

So if you or someone you know needs to sell their house quickly or wants to sell, but doesn’t believe their property is up to snuff, look no farther than FPB.  We buy houses in any condition, we act quickly and, most important, we do what we say we are going to do.  Every time, without exception.  Call or email us today.