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Katrina W. & Roma Avenue


1536 W. Roma Ave.,  AZ 85015
2 BD 2 B 1 Carport + 2 Car Garage!

The Situation:

Katrina W. was in a relationship with a boyfriend that had started a pet-sitting business – in her home. By the time she called us, she had broken up with the boyfriend and moved out, leaving him in the home with his business because he had no place else to go, and wasn’t financially stable enough to find another place to run his business from. While their parting was cordial enough and the boyfriend was relatively cooperative, his business was failing, and he wasn’t willing or able to move until absolutely necessary, and Katrina needed and wanted to sell the home and move on with her life.

The Problem:

The home had major problems that made it 100% unmarketable in its current state. No real estate agent would possibly taken it on and no buyer could or would buy it. To begin with, the boyfriend was struggling to keep his pet-sitting business afloat, so that at any given time there could be anywhere from 5 to 15 + dogs roaming the backyard. Even if it could have been put on the market, there was no way the home could be shown – ever. It was was very old and very small, with the worst curb appeal imaginable: both front and back yards where flat patches of absolutely dead grass, the home badly needed painting, and there was a crazy-quilt network of fencing thrown up everywhere. Add to this was the fact that the AC/heating unit was on its last legs and it had a tiny kitchen, and you have a recipe for disaster in the real estate market.

When Katrina moved out, she left a majority of her belongings there, and her ex-boyfriend had no way to deal with it– he couldn’t move her things out, or even organize the home in any way, which meant that some areas of the home looked like a hoarder had lived – or was still living there. And while the boyfriend was cooperative, she couldn’t get him to move out so she could restore the home to put it on the market, nor did she have the money – or time – to do so.

The final kiss of death for this property was that it had a carport and garage addition that was totally unpermitted; it had been put up by a handyman – and nothing had been done to any kind of code whatsoever. The entire electrical system was a safety hazard. No potential buyer could even get a loan to buy the place because no bank would loan money on a home with this kind of issue. This eliminated 99% of the buyers who might have had an interest in buying the home “as is.”

What Fair Property Buyers Did:

When she called us, we asked Katrina what she owed on the home and what she thought the house was worth. It turned out that she had no idea what she owed, and she thought maybe the house was worth an amount that a real estate friend of a friend had told her – someone she didn’t even know and who hadn’t even seen the home personally. She wanted nothing to do with the boyfriend so she wouldn’t meet us to give us a tour of the property, so we made arrangements with him to view the home when there was a manageable number of dogs on the property.

After seeing the home, and the dogs, we made an offer, which she accepted immediately – delighted to get that amount as it was better than she had hoped. We became the “go-between” for her and her boyfriend, and helped her deal with her belongs. We even helped her deal with him – we helped him make arrangements to move to a place where he could set up his pet-sitting business without having to close it down.

The End Result:

As it turned out, after she signed the papers, Katrina discovered that she actually owed $4,500 more on the house than she thought she did; we didn’t know that she’d never found out what she actually owed to the bank. When she told us this, we immediately upped our offer to cover the amount she owed, even though we weren’t legally obligated to do so, because we wanted Katrina to be able to walk away, free and clear. She had already signed the papers for the agreed-on price, and if she had tried to back out or ask for an increase – it would have meant she would be in “breach of contract.” But we didn’t hold that over her head – because that isn’t the way we do business. We chose the name, “Fair Property Buyers,” for a reason – because that’s the way we work.