Jamie B. & Lakeshore Place


        971 Lakeshore Place, AZ 85226

        5 BD / 3 Bth / 3 Car Garage

        The Situation

        Jamie B. was a mother with 3 children, two dogs, and an unbelievably tough situation: within a year she had been through a divorce and developed grave health problems. At a routine checkup, it was discovered that she had brain lesions, which compromised her entire system so severely that by the time she contacted Fair Property Buyers, she had developed septicemia, and was suffering from seizures on a weekly basis. Her immune system was shot, and she was so weak she had difficulty moving.


        The house was huge, almost 3,300 square feet, with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, large yards, and a pool. Between her children and her illness, there was no way Jamie could begin to deal with the maintenance and cleaning it required, so it had fallen into complete disrepair. To top it off – the home was a tri-level, and Jamie was so ill she couldn’t deal with the multiple stairs, so she couldn’t even navigate through much of her own home. She had mounting medical bills, and needed to sell the home and downsize, but she was too sick to do the maintenance the home needed in order to sell. She was too fragile to handle the ordeal of putting the home on the market; she couldn’t handle holding an open house, or having people through the home daily as it was shown.

        The Problem

        Jamie didn’t have the money or the strength to move. Her ex-husband had left her completely on her own, she had no help with either the children or the house. It had been a lovely home originally, but by this point it was badly neglected. There were several leaks in the kitchen that pointed to serious problems with the roof. Nothing had been done to or for the pool or the deck around it; both needed to be resurfaced, and the pool needed new equipment. The back yard had deteriorated to the point where the weeds were literally 3 and 4 feet high, and every inch of carpet on the inside of the home was a disaster, as were the walls in all of the children’s bedrooms. The house looked like it had been abandoned, even though Jamie and her children were still living there. She was simply so ill there was no way she could keep up with anything.


        As if Jamie didn’t have enough to deal with, the home was actually owned by a trust that her father had set up, but he died leaving issues with both the trust and the title to the house. The family attorney who had handled her father’s estate had retired, and initially couldn’t be found. Selling the home was impossible until the problems with the title and the paperwork were cleared up.


        What Fair Property Buyers Did

        Jamie contacted us, and we went out to look at her home and assess the situation the next day. She had had the home appraised about 4 years before, and knew what the house had been worth then, though she was well aware of how much it had deteriorated. To her surprise, we were able to make her an offer that was very close to it’s appraisal price.


        Next, we tracked down the family attorney, and arranged to have him take care of the issues with the title and the trust so the home could be sold. We let her pick her own closing date so she could have the time she needed to make arrangements to move her family to a new home.

        The End Result

        Even though Jamie had signed the papers for the closing and the sale was in process, she had a health setback as the date neared. Because of this, we extended the date for another two weeks, and told her simply to take only what she wanted, to forget trying to clean or deal with anything else – that we would take care of the rest. She was incredibly relieved, and when she left – the house was still half full. In fact, when she left – she forgot to take her Cox digital cable box back – and she called us the next day to ask if she could try and pick it up so she wouldn’t have to pay the fee they were going to charge her. We told her not to worry – and one of my team went back to the house, picked up her cable box, and made sure it got back to Cox Communications.


        When people are in trouble, a little kindness can go a long way. Every member of the Fair Property Buyers team works on that principle because – unless everybody wins – no one wins, and that’s why we’ll to do whatever we can to help – whenever someone needs it.