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Fred L. & E. Thornwood Drive


8525 E. Thornwood Drive, AZ
4 BD 2B / Garage

The Situation:

Fred L. was older and needed money to move out of the state so he could relocate closer to family because of health issues. There seemed to be an indication that part of the health issues were mentally related, but it was difficult to tell. Fred was reticent about his history, so very little could be determined about him, and he did not seem to have any family or close friends in the area.

The Problem:

At Fair Property Buyers, one of the things that sets us apart is that we have experience dealing with problematic properties and owners with health issues. We are adept at dealing with all manner of issues, including psychiatric ones, and this seemed to be the case with Fred L.

He exhibited a similar kind of OCD pattern as people who are classified as hoarders, but in his case, his symptoms went to the other extreme. Rather than filling his home with things, he stripped the interior of the home almost completely, and lived in what was a fairly large house that was almost empty. He had removed the insides of the home to the point where there were very few walls, no floors, and no doors. In fact, he had almost stripped the entire home of any kind of finish or drywall on most of the walls and ceilings; the infrastructure of the home was plainly visible.

The home was almost uninhabitable. Realtors could not even show it because the law doesn’t allow them to take anyone into a hazardous property, and Fred had removed a number of walls that were load bearing. By the time we saw it, the house was structurally unsound, unsafe, and a liability.

What Fair Property Buyers Did:

Fred’s situation was difficult. He had a difficult time trusting people, but agreed to let us come out and look at his property, which we did. We could assess the difficulty and extent of the repair work needed because of our experience and background in construction, so we were also able to make an offer to him the same day.

The End Result:

We were able to gain Fred’s trust; he felt he could trust us because we made a fair offer on his property, one that he understood. We were able to close in a very short time, and Fred went on to move in with his family, hopefully to receive the care he needed.