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Calvin D. & W. Cheery Lynn Road

The Address:

6049 W. Cheery Lynn Road, AZ 85033

3 Bd / 1.75 Bth

The Situation:

Calvin D. had been wanting to relocate for some time.  He had a place to go and the funds to do it, but his house was in such a state of disrepair, he felt that preparing it for sale would bankrupt him.  Since not everyone can be Bob Vila, Calvin had done what many folks with minimal fix-it skills do:  he overlooked small issues that eventually grew into bigger, costlier issues.

The Problem:

After years of deferred maintenance, Calvin’s house would have been considered uninhabitable to anyone wanting to move right in.  The antiquated heating/cooling system, poorly patched walls in need of paint, worn out flooring, dilapidated kitchen cabinetry, yellowed lawn, etc., were nothing compared to the illegal addition he’d put on some years ago.  Fearing a fine from the city and lacking the time, money and expertise to put things right, Calvin felt sure there was no way out and that he would be trapped in this house indefinitely.

What Fair Property Buyers Did:

While browsing the web one day, Calvin came upon our website.  During our initial call we offered to visit the home the next day, but Calvin was traveling and asked if we wouldn’t mind waiting a couple of months to get started.  Although FPB is known for speed as well as ease, our first priority is to suit the needs of the individual.  No two clients are alike, and we were more than happy to wait 4 months to meet Calvin and visit his home.

FPB was able to make Calvin a cash offer within 24 hours after visiting, with the understanding the he wasn’t responsible for any repairs, clean-up or code violations.  While happy with the offer, Calvin wondered if the house could remain in escrow for a month and 1/2 to give him time to wrap things up.  Although most clients appreciate our short escrow periods, it was our pleasure to give Calvin the time he needed.  FPB understands that moving is always stressful and we pledge to do everything we can to alleviate anxiety by offering solutions to each client’s unique set of problems.

The End Result:

Calvin was able to walk away from what would have been a financial, legal and logistical disaster.  He was free to make a fresh start, cash in hand and on his schedule.  In fact, Calvin didn’t think he could be any more pleased with the way he was treated by FPB until he called the day of closing to ask if he could have an extra day to vacate the premises.  We were happy to oblige.

The point is, FPB is ready to help no matter the condition of your home or your particular set of legal, financial or scheduling issues. We’ve seen it all and we offer no judgements; only solutions.  We buy on time, on budget and, most important, we always do what we say we’ll do.  Every time, no exceptions.  Call or email today.